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Life Drawing Studio Group.

Life Drawing Studio Group
Rules and Policies Pertaining To Artists
No wet or (excessive) dust producing media, or media that contain aromatic solvents.
No alcohol (at the Carriage House facility) or illegal drugs (anywhere), allowed.
No photography or audio/video recording allowed by participants. Artists are forbidden to ask models for permission to take photographs for “reference” or any other purposes.
All workshop attendees and those other than the model present during studio sessions are required to actively be involved in the process of drawing, or will be asked to leave.  
Please refrain from using cell phones while the model is posing.  Never point a cell phone, camera or digital device in the direction of a model.  We don’t want our models to ever have any concerns about the possibility of being photographed or recorded.
Absolutely no solicitation of models; or solicitation of other artists in the program. This policy is instituted for several reasons, not the least of which is to avoid awkwardness and keep harmony in the group.  Kindly do not treat the drawing workshops as networking events.
Do not ask personal questions of the models; engage in conversations of a personal nature; or exchange contact information (including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, etc.).   
Please do not give direction to the models. Models only receive direction through the program director. It is rude and unreasonable to expect models to alter their poses to satisfy a particular individual in the group.  If you don't like a pose, get up and move to another location in the studio.
Feedback regarding models may be given to the program director in private, but in no case shall artists critique models (current or past) in the presence of any model.
Please pay for your sessions in advance, either by subscription or at the beginning of any session that you participate in on any non-subscription basis.   You may pay by check payable to “LDSG”.  If paying with cash please have the exact amount (we do not make change).
Models and artists have the right to respect and courtesy. LDSG will eject people who act unprofessionally or disrespect the model and/or other artists.
In the event of a model no-show or last minute cancellation an attempt will be made to find a local replacement model that can arrive within approximately 30-45 minutes of the session start time.  If no fill-in model can be hired the artists will be asked if anyone present would be willing to sit for the group.  Preference will be given to the first person willing to pose in the nude (or should there be none: semi-nude).  Artists filling in as a model may donate their modeling time, or (if posing nude) may be compensated at the prevailing hourly rate.  Artists that have subscribed to the series who are not present at the time of the substitution may opt to be telephoned or texted to make them aware of the situation.  If a session runs with a fill-in artist model, or starts late with a last-minute replacement model, it will be counted as a regular session and not be credited as a cancelled workshop.
In the event that a workshop does not run due to weather, lack of a model, or other unforeseen circumstance, those that are subscribed to the series will receive a credit for the session in the form of a discount off of their next subscription series (equal to the actual cost of one workshop).  Those subscribed to only one day are welcome to do a make-up session on their non-subscription day in lieu of the credit.
Always respect the model’s privacy.  Do not open doors to the studio under any circumstances while a model is posing.  Ensure that all windows and glass doors are covered.   Do not allow anyone other than program participants in the studio while the model is posing.
Please always be discreet.  What happens in Vegas (or the studio) should remain there.  If you encounter models outside of one of our workshop settings it is not okay to bring up the matter of them having posed.   While a person might be comfortable posing for a workshop, they might not want to share the fact that they model with others.

Participants must be over 18 years of age and competent to contract in their own name. In exceptional instances we will consider allowing persons 16.5 years of age and older the opportunity to attend workshop sessions if they are in the process of portfolio development required for college or art school application.  Minors must request permission to attend in writing, stating the reasons they wish to attend, their previous experience with life drawing (including where, when, and who they studied with), and their willingness to adhere to all LDSG policies.  In all cases signed permission forms will be required from parents/guardians.
Artists that violate the aforementioned policies will be asked not to attend workshop sessions and will forfeit any subscription or pre-paid fees.  
LDSG reserves the right to refuse entry to, or eject, any individual at any time without explaination. 

LDSG is a volunteer operated organization.  We will periodically send out e-mails inquiring about anticipated attendance at individual workshops.  Please respond to these communications in a timely manner (even if you are subscribed to the series) in order to help make the planning and coordination of our workshops easier for the program director.

LDSG Policies with Regard to Models
Models’ Rights and Responsibilities 

LDSG extends the following rights, and institutes the following policies, with regard to people who model for workshops. We adopt these rights to protect and support models and to prevent misunderstandings. 
Models have a right to a clean, comfortable, and safe work environment. LDSG will cover windows; provide a space heater; allow the models an area for changing; and not allow noxious art materials. Only artist participants will be allowed in the studio while models are posing.
Models have a right to refrain from unduly difficult poses, and to break from poses that become unexpectedly difficult. LDSG urges models to speak up about any undue discomfort, and to make the necessary adjustments. The program director will be responsible for timing poses, and will keep poses to the agreed upon time.
Models and artists have the right to respect and courtesy. LDSG will eject people who act unprofessionally or disrespect the model and/or other artists.
Models booked for unclothed drawing sessions are expected to pose in the nude, unless extenuating circumstances prevent it from being practical (such as lack of heat in the facility). During breaks, models are expected to cover up with robe or clothing. In no event shall models leave the posing area without cover, or leave the building without wearing clothing that is acceptable to community standards for a person out in public.
Personal Information
LDSG requires that models supply their full legal name, address, e-mail address and phone numbers (including mobile phone) to be kept on file.  In the event that a model’s earnings exceed $600 in a calendar year the model will be required to supply their Social Security number and address in order to comply with federal tax code.  
Models have a right to privacy. LDSG will not release models' surnames, phone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses without consent, except in instances when the release of information is required by law. The group will ask models' permission before sharing information with other artists and coordinators in need of models. Program participants are not allowed to solicit models, and the exchange of personal information between artists and models is strictly forbidden.  
Solicitation of artists by models is strictly prohibited, and models may not pass along or exchange personal information (including: names, phone numbers, e-mail address or websites) with artists.  Models are in the workplace and should not be attempting to network or be seeking other work opportunities while employed by LDSG.
Models have a right to work without being photographed. LDSG prohibits the use of cameras and camera-bearing cell phones during drawing sessions.   
Models have a right to a safe storage place for their clothing and belongings during drawing sessions. 
Personal Hygiene and Sanitary Standards
 The health and comfort of both models and artists is of paramount importance.  Models should strive to maintain good personal hygiene and be proactive in advancing health, cleanliness and comfort standards in the studio.  Models should bring along fabric, sheets or blankets to cover surfaces that they sit or recline on for both their benefit and that of other models at subsequent sessions.   Use good judgment with regard to bathing and use of grooming products. 
Models have a right to prompt payment at the end of the drawing session. LDSG will not postpone payment.  Payment will be made by check drawn on LDSG’s bank account.
LDSG does not permit models to bring along friends or “chaperones” to workshop sessions.  We are a long established organization, and we are happy to supply new models with references.  Modeling is a job, and the studio is the workplace.  A new hire would not bring a friend along to their first day at work as a dental receptionist, and we feel the same decorum applies when working for us.   If a new model wishes to bring along an artist friend to their first session  with us we will consider allowing the individual to participate upon payment of a single session fee (however this can only be done once, at the first session for which the model poses), and the accompanying artist must actively draw throughout the session if they wish to remain in the studio.
Booking& Cancellation 
Models are expected to keep their bookings and start on time. Tardiness of more than 10 minutes will be grounds for LDSG to cancel the booking and/or substitute another model. Models should call the program director if they are delayed.   If LDSG cancels a session with less than 12 hours’ notice, models are still entitled to compensation (we appreciate models’ understanding in the event that LDSG needs to cancel a booking, and we will work with the model to work out a fair resolution) .  In the event of acts of God, inclement weather conditions, or emergencies involving the facility, both LDSG and models will attempt to reach a fair resolution.  Models will be offered a future booking at the earliest convenience to compensate for work lost due to circumstances beyond either party's control.
Models are expected to confirm bookings with the program director at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.  Models that fail to respond to telephone calls, e-mails and/or text messages will have their booking cancelled and be replaced.
Failure of a model to show up at a booking and/or last minute cancellations are grounds for LDSG to cancel any future bookings with the model.

Revised 2/2017

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